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Accurate diagnosis is the key to treatment success. Good news! Most patients can utilize an at home sleep test – performed in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Our doctors will determine if this option is right for you at the new patient evaluation. If you are a candidate, the test will be either mailed or given to you at one of our locations with step-by-step instructions. Two nights of testing is usually recommended. Once you are done, you will drop off or mail the device back to us.

The test is interpreted by a Board-Certified Sleep Physician. Your provider will meet with you and discuss personalized treatment options based on the results and your goals.

What’s the Best Thing About Being a Dentist?

As a dentist, Dr. Carstensen gets the most satisfaction out of improving his patients’ lives, especially when he can help them breathe better and eliminate their pain. He enjoys listening to his patients and wants to know what matters to them. If you want a doctor who will listen to you, go to to request a consultation with Dr. Carstensen at our Bellevue location, or choose the location that is most convenient for you. All of our doctors are here to help and ready to listen!

Chronic pain and lack of proper sleep robs people of the ability to enjoy life, negatively impacts relationships, work, and contributes to poor health. There is nothing more rewarding to me as a medical professional than to be able to help patients and restore their quality of life.

Dr. Tanya Kushner